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Bruckner, Tillett, Rossi, Cahill & Associates is a Rochester, N.Y.-based full-service real estate appraisal, analysis and consulting group. We provide quality appraisal services to the Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania region. Our principals - Kevin L. Bruckner, MAI, CCIMChristopher S. Tillett, MAI, SRAJustin R. Martin, MAI, CCIM, Andrew R. Kniesel, SRA, Bethany W. Coleman, MAI, Kaitlin M. Skelton, MAI, Rachel E. Gaillard, SRA - each bring many years of experience to every assignment. Each is accredited by the Appraisal Institute with either the MAI (commercial) or SRA (residential) designation.


Our clients count on us for top quality work. Thanks to our dedicated and professional staff appraisers and administrative support we can take on high volume projects, tackle complex assignments and provide reliable, expert testimony on valuation matters.


We have always been industry innovators - if there's a better way to do it, we're doing it! As an example, we were one of the first real estate appraisal firms in the country to use high-quality Kodak color digital photographic equipment and Xerox color documenting equipment extensively to prepare appraisal reports. We will always be on the cutting edge of real estate appraisal methods and knowledge, whether the assignment is commercial or residential. It's what we're known for.

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